What, How And Where – All The Things You Need To Know About Vibrators

This is an article all about vibrators: vibrator types, how to use vibrators safely while enjoyably and where to buy vibrators according to your personal need.

1. Why people love vibrators and main vibrator types

Vibrators are used for faster and more enjoyable stimulation while having sex or masturbation. Vibrators last longer than any human fingers or tongues and can reach more intimate places compared to other tools. Moreover, most vibrators are waterproof (some slightly and some completely), which is more comfortable for user experience.

Vibrators are divided into 2 types – it depends on whether they are used for simply massage or penetration. Vibrators which are used for inner stimulation often imitate movements of blow job while the other ones are often called “dildo” and designed in a columnar shape.

2. How to use vibrators both safely and enjoyably?

Check your vibrator and make sure its functions. For example, is it water-proof? Does is have multi-speeds? Is it bendable or not? Is it for single person use or couple use? Learn your sex toy before you use it; it’s a major premise for safe sex.

For sex toys which are used internally, some lubricant is necessary especially when you are using hard ones. Be careful when you are having anal sex in case of injures. Generally speaking, beginners should choose soft and flexible ones. At last, take out the battery (if your toy has) every time you finish or the battery power will slowly give out.

3. Where can you buy suitable sex toy?

First make sure you are over 18, then go to sex toys stores and get advice. Probably you have missed the 2011 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo which took place in Las Vegas during Jan 6 to Jan 9; however you can check the details through internet and get some ideas. As a recommendation, Xmybox.com is somehow a good choice and maybe there will be some promotions, sales or discounts for the coming Valentine’s Day.

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